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as they bear a load
and all they said
guns came from the cops
robbin' the hood
get in our apartment
and if we live here we'll be rushin' the place
it will be all over when we get free don't fuss to fake it
when they'd bust through the roof
within they couldn't break it
and leave it alone ay
and leave it the low ey
leave it the load
and leave it all the love
leave me the load
under your radio
reople comin' over in from westside
and you really really really really shouldn't be over
people prancin' all around
because of crack cocaine out all over the
on the order of a officer

let the dogs go!
let the diggity-dog dogs go!
let the dogs go!
let the dogs go!
let the dog dogs
let the dogs go
me people pity
thee pleople
it wasn't like bdp
they let the dogs go!
they let the dogs just go!

and all of a sudden
turned into a stage show
and it all bud was grabbin' it
and flew in the air
and everybody looked
and then they started to declare
i never seen a doggie that could get so high
and then we busted
and did it even and
oh why did we did it
'cause it was real ay
they sent me with a hospit-tital bill
it wasn't needed
like i had to get still
more flat
or even go to the ma-ma-man
i knew the tec was within' my reach
louie doggie is such a life
peep peep peep
she loved the lovin' and i
i'm learnin'
it's not so easy
to let the dogs go
now i know

there is a train coming in
it is a train coming down
he didn't even notice
and then downed 'cause sound
because he's deaf
not stupid or dumb
he's just a diggity-dig
dog runt
he limped into the middle of the track
he didn't hear the train coming going clack clack clack clack
it was an ift it was a track from the sky
it was straight to the ear
and it went out through his backside
he be livin' 'cause we ought to leap
all good doggies not gonna get no funky sleep
because they're up all night practicin'
they get how men can get macked and
oh and then oh i'm in
bust a whole
car opcomin'

let the dogs know...

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