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New Found Glory

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

We both dreamed a white fence
Would wrap our front yard
How my arms have held you all these years
Now I wake in the morning
And roll to find you
Damn you sunshine and the shadows you make

If you don’t love me anymore
I’m gonna go out knowing I tried. Persistent
If you don’t want me anymore
Persistent so I know I tried
I did my best now I must survive and keep
Pushing on!

I had a daughter as tall as I am
In my sleep I see the craziest things
Over her shoulder I saw you smiling
Now I don’t want to wake up and it fades

When I’d swim in the ocean
I’d miss your skin
So fair the summer would burn it
When I’d hike up a mountain
I’d miss your smile
You’d love the view from the top of it
I would be reminded everyday
I would be reminded everyday of my shame

Colaboração e revisão:
  • IndieQueen Victoria

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