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100 Percent

Sonic Youth

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: A
Tuning: normal, but use heavy distortion all the way throughIntro: just some good ol' electric noise (be creative!)Verse:  Ab5      F   B5 C#me|---------0~0-----|B|--------00~0~3/5-|G|-------552~2~4/6-|D|-------6-3---4/6-|A|6-6-6-6----------|E|4-4-4-4----------|With lyrics:(Ab5) I can (F) never for(B5)get (C#m) you(Ab5) The way you (F) rock the (B5) gi(C#m)rls(Ab5) They move a (F) world and (B5) love (C#m) you(Ab5) A blast in the (F) under(B5)wo(C#m)rld(Ab5) I stick a (F) knife in (B5) my (C#m) head(Ab5) Thinking (F) 'bout your (B5) ey(C#m)es(Ab5) But now that (F) you've been (B5) shot (C#m) dead(Ab5) I've got a (F) new sur(B5)pri(C#m)seChorus:  C#m             Ab5              C#m             D#5e|------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------------|G|6~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-----------------6~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~8~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-|D|6~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~6----------------6~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~8~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-|A|4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~6----------------4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~6~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-|E|----------------4-------------------------------------------------|With lyrics:(C#m) I been waiting for you just to say (Ab5)(N.C.) He's off to check his mind(C#m) But all I know is you got no money(D#5) But that's got nothing to do with the good timesVerse 2:Can you forgive the boy who shot you in the headOr should you get a gun and go and get revenge?A 100% of my love up to you true starIt's hard to believe you took off, I always thought you'd go farChorus 2:But I've been around the world a million timesAnd all you men are slimeA gun to my head, goodbye I am deadWastewood rockers it's time for crying, hey!Outro:  C#m             Ab5e|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|6666666666666666----------------|D|66666666666666666666666666666666|A|44444444444444446666666666666666|E|----------------4444444444444444|(repeat a couple of times and end in noise, again be creative!)A couple of days ago, I was on the internet, looking for tabs of songs of ours. It's fun to see what you guys make of'm. Only, I couldn't find any tab of 100% (only a very bass tab), which is one of our personal favorites. So I thought I'd just tab it outmyself. It's a long time ago we recorded this song, so the tab probably won't correspondentirely how we played it back then. But however, we still play this song on a regularbasis, and this is more or less how we play it live. I hope this tab will be any good toyou, I sure put a lot of effort in making it. So lots of respect for all you boys andgirls out there who tab out songs like all the time. You bring rock and roll musiccloser to the people.Gratefully yours,
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