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I'll Stick Around

Foo Fighters

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Tom: G
[G Eb Bb5 C5 F] [8x]

[G]I thought I [F]knew all it took[C] to bother you[G]
Every word[Bb] I said was true[A] and that you'll see[G]

[G]How could it be[F] I'm the [C]only one who [G]sees
Your re[Bb]hearsed insanity[A], yeah[G]

[G Eb Bb5 C5 F] [2x]

[G]I still refu[F]sed all the [C]methods you abu[G]sed
It's al[Bb]right if you're con[A]fused, let me be[G]

[G]I've been ar[F]ound all the [C]pawns you've gagged and [G]bound
They'll come [Bb]back and knock you [C]down and I'll be free[G]

[Bb]I've taken [G]all and I've endu[C7]red
[Bb]One day this [G]all will fade, I'm [C7]sure

[G Eb Bb5 C5 F]
I don't owe you anything [4x]

[G]I had no [F]hand in your [C]ever desperate [G]plan
It re[Bb]turns and when it [A]lands words are [G]due

[G]I should have [F]known we were [C]better off [G]alone
I looked [Bb]in and I was [A]shown, you were [G]too

[Bb]I've taken [G]all and I've endu[C7]red
[Bb]One day it [G]all will fade, I'm [C7]sure

[G Eb Bb5 C5 F]
I don't owe you anything [8x]

[Eb]I'll stick around, [F]I'll stick around
[G]And learn from all [D]that came from it  [4x]

[Eb F G D]It... [2x]

[G Eb Bb5 C5 F] [8x]
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    Composição: Dave Grohl

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