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Pretty Penny

Stone Temple Pilots

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: A
From: Kevin Gardner 

arranged for computer tab by Kevin Gardner *
transcribed by: Kenn Chipkin, John McCrea, and Matt Scharfglass

Here it is, much to everyoneUs shock Dean plays this
song, and in fact the entire album in standard turning, sorry
no open turings on TPurpleU not even a drop high-D for RBig EmptyS.

Intro and verse, (Rhave you seen...S):

guitar #1  |----------3-|-3---3-3-------|
guitar #2  |------------|---------------|

chorus, (Rgone.. when you wake...S):

guitar #1  |-------0-----|-------0-----|-------0-----|
guitar #2  |-0-----0-----|-0-----0-----|-0-----0-0---|

intrumental section:
guitar #1  |-0---|                             |-0---|
           |-11--|                             |-0---|
           |-11--| strum this and then this -> |-11--|
           |-9---|                             |-9---|
           |-11--|                             |-11--|
           |-0---|                             |-0---|
guitar #2  |-----0---0--|

B = bent note
h = hammered on legatto

I belive that sending this transcription through e-mail has added some mysterious R's and S's please 

From: * (Fred Gotfredson)

                        Chords by Fred Gotfredson

Allright, people were wondering about this song, and it is rather easy.

* Both Guitar 1 and 2 are accoustic.
* The ending chord on both guitars is an open E (as in the 1st Interlude for
  guitar 2 shown below)


(4 measure intro, w/ verse music)

Have you seen your mother girl?
Has she gone away?
Gone away and found the pearl
But the price she paid


When you wake in the morning
When you find that there's no one sleeping
She was loved and we all will miss her

How far will you go, I say
Just to bait a mouse?
Shorter lived and longer gone
Can you figure out?


(4 measures of verse music)

(1st Interlude)

(4 measures of verse music)

Have you lost your sister girl?
SHe's all but blown away
blown away and lost the pearl
And the price she paid

Hmmmm... (4 measures of verse music during hmm)

(2nd Interlude)

(3 measures of verse music then open E ending chord)

Verse- Guitar 1

*note* the music below is one measure.

   E5            F#5 A5

Composição de Dean DeLeo / Robert DeLeo / Scott Weiland
3.832 exibições
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