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Made to believe. Education misleading my way
A story was told by profiteer's lies
Rewriting our past and the truth

I was made to believe. Television a story on screen
All made through deceit by the corporate elite
The fear controlling our minds

Raise your hands and reach for your God
Created to fight and kill in this war
In the end I'm fighting myself

Loud and clear. From far and beyond
No bullshit from teachers and leaders will change
What's real inside of my head

My voice. Loud and clear

Do you believe in justice for all
Or obey unlawful and ruled
Left. Right. All: A con

Rigged the game from the start
Don't play me for a fool

My voice. Loud and clear

Do you believe in justice for all
Or choose to be callous and cruel
Left. Right. It's all a con

Won't play me for a fool

My choice. Blood in my eyes

Promoting a lfe made of stereotypes
Sickens me down to the core


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    Colaboração e revisão:
    • Danilo Silva

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