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Tenacious D

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: C
Tabbed By: ed
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the order of the first cords of the first verse and so that is 
real pretty and soft are all barre cords

hear is the progression of them-----Em---C---A----G---B--

the next cord progression  is the heavier part and it to is barre cords

------Em----Bb-A---G-- and repeats that until it does a break doun thing like so....

A--2----------------------------0--Same thing here withe the 3bend
E--0--3bend then release a few-----------

Repeat a fewnext is the funky porno thing and it goes like soo...

d---------------------------------5h7 then 7 bend-------------
a--5h7-7--7p5--repeat a few then--0-----------
E--0---0--0--------------------------------------that is all i can remember right now so good luck and have fun, and 
remeber it squeeza a cleveland steamer on someones' chest
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