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Pearl Jam

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: G
G                         Am
Why deny all the troubles when combined
                           G#m   G    F#m  D
With the missing links, it don't feel like home

G                                                  Am
Now that you're gone all the troubles suddenly explained infinitum
                            G#m G    F#m D     G
You're always wishing and never here at  home, you

All the dreams we've shared
    Dm               C
And lights we turned on
        Cm6              A#
But the house is getting dark

    Dm              C
And I don't want to know your past
      Cm6             A#
But together share the dawn
    D       G      Bm        Em  
And I won't need...  nothing else
       Bm         Am               Cm     G
'Cause when we're dead we would've had it all
        Bm                 Em       Bm       Am
And died I would've fallen from the sky 'til you
                C      G 
Parachutes have opened now

Heaven knows if there's a ceiling, come so low with the kneeling
G#m     G    F#m  D G
Please, know that I got

All the friends I'm needing
          Dm         C
Before my light goes out
       Cm6               A#
As the doors are closing now

    Dm            C
And far away will be my home
       Cm6                 A#
And to grasp this, I don't know
    D       G      Bm     Em       Bm
And I don't need, further back and forth
  Am                 Cm   G
A wave will break on me today
          Bm                   Em Bm        Am
And love, wish the world could go again with love
                  Cm   G
One can't seem to have enough
         Bm                Em      Bm     Am
And war, break the sky and tell me what it's for
            Cm       G
I'll travel there on my own
         Bm      Em        Bm
And love, what a different life
    Am               Cm   G
Had I not found this love with you
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Outros vídeos desta música
Composição de Eddie Vedder / Stone Gossard
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